We engage in science, Technology, and Innovation to Support our Sustainability Agenda

What the Future of Renewable Energy Looks Like


Energy Capacity

Energy Capacity Will Increase 57% By 2024


Hydroelectric Capacity

Hydroelectric Capacity Will Rise 9% By 2024


Geothermal Capacity

Geothermal Capacity Will Increase 28% By 2024



Solar Will Become 35% Cheaper By 2024


We are Calton Industries

Calton Industries invests in the renewable energy sector and in technologies that enable emissions to be reduced or that promote sustainable living. Calton Industries is also collaborating with other tech hubs, incubators, and co-investors to invest in opportunities with high growth potential.


Why Calton Industries?

We need your help to realise our ambition of making a difference through planet-positive investments. As our colleague, you will be given opportunities to develop within our company. We focus on creating a positive atmosphere at work that is characterised by expertise, responsibility and innovation.